Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CmisSync on Raspberry Pi: The Internet of Things meets document management

Raspberry Pi is a tiny board (the size of a credit card) that allows you to create any kind of robot or fun hardware:

- Santa detectors
- Sandwich carriers
- Ultra-cheap laptops (UNICEF)
- Industrial robots
- Audit sensors

And guess what? CmisSync runs on Raspberry Pi!
CmisSync is a file synchronization tool compatible with any document management server (Alfresco/SharePoint/FileNet/Documentum/etc) thanks to the CMIS protocol.
Imagine for instance a tiny sensor measuring air pollution and sending a weekly report directly to your document server over Wi-Fi.

A South African company is already embedding CmisSync in office scanners, so that scanned documents get automatically synchronized to Alfresco or another ECM server:

Compare that with the pain it is to achieve the same thing using a normal scanner, and you can easily feel the need for such intelligent hardware based on open standards.

Raspberry Pi + CmisSync can also be used in environments with no permanent network connection, for instance fleets of trucks travelling in uncovered areas and sending reports (load/unload/sleep) when network becomes available. CmisSync makes the Internet of Things survive Internet cuts.
Nicolas Raoul


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