Monday, October 20, 2014







Alfresco ShareのUIからコンテンツを作成 → 削除 → ごみ箱から削除 という操作を行った時に、裏側のファイルシステムやDB、インデックスはどうなっているのか、という内容です。普段はあまり意識することはないのですが、Alfrescoを導入して運用していく上で管理者の方は知っておいた方がいい内容だと思います。バックアップからのリストアや、削除されたコンテンツのファイル実体をファイルシステムから削除して容量を空ける、といったことをやる時に必要になる知識です。一連の流れをファイルシステム、DB、インデックスの中身を見ながら通していただくと、Alfrescoでコンテンツがどのように管理されているのかについての理解が深まると思います。


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

iplus1: Enrich your existing flashcards deck with new example sentences written by bilinguals

You already know all your language-learning flashcards by heart, and want new study material?
How about adding to your deck a dozen new sentences, written by bilingual people, and that match your current level?

Tatoeba is a community-maintained database of example sentences. For example:
  • 散歩しましょう。 (Japanese)
  • Let's take a walk. (English)
  • Давай прогуляемся. (Russian)
  • Bir yürüyüş yapalım. (Turkish)

iplus1 allows you to enrich your flashcards deck with sentences from Tatoeba.
Chosen sentences are those that you will like to learn: they contain words that you already know, plus one new word.

iplus1 has been developed by an American student under my mentoring, as part as a Google Summer of Code project of Tatoeba. iplus1 is open source and works fine on test servers with Anki decks, expect to see it go live soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aegif joins the Open Invention Network

Today, Aegif has joined the Open Invention Network, following 1000 other companies like Google, IBM, RedHat, Twitter.

Besides the big names, many of the Open Invention Network members operate in the same realm as Aegif:
- Alfresco
- Liferay
- Magnolia
- Moodle
- OpenBravo
- OpenStack
- SugarCRM
- The Document Foundation

All of these organizations have pledged to not use their patent portfolio to extort money from Linux users. The pledge actually covers Linux and a few hundred Open Source packages (details).

Aegif believes that using patents against Open Source software is harmful to innovation.
Rather than patent litigation, we believe that openness is the best way to perform business in the software field.