Monday, July 29, 2013

CmisSync 1.0 released: Dropbox-like sync client, compatible with most ECM file servers

We just released CmisSync 1.0!

CmisSync is a desktop application that synchronizes documents with any company's file server, with the same ease as cloud storage clients. CmisSync is the world's first sync app which is compatible with most ECM (Enterprise Content Management) servers.

ECM servers have very powerful features: versioning, workflows, collaboration, policies, rules, etc.
But they are often seen as inconvenient by users, notably due to every edit requiring the document to be downloaded and then re-uploaded. Many employees, especially when working remotely, circumvent their company's ECM by using individual cloud services like Dropbox/SugarSync/Box, which is a security risk and leads to document duplication.

The CMIS standard, introduced in 2010 by the OASIS consortium and implemented by all major ECM vendors, allows CmisSync to revolutionize this field by syncing directly with the company's existing server.

The advantage for companies is that content is produced on the ECM server, where document reuse is facilitated. Furthermore, documents are not duplicated and stay under control of company policies. Employees can be more productive and have the assurance that they are working with the latest versions of documents.

Aegif has started providing consulting and services for CmisSync. CmisSync is developed as Open Source, and is free to use. Aegif also sells a proprietary extension facilitating large-scale deployment and providing Enterprise features.


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