Friday, May 24, 2013

Bye Google Reader, hello Feedindicator!

In one month, Google Reader will shut down.
Luckily, Ubuntu users can use Feedindicator:


  • Click a news and it will appear in your browser.
  • Icon turns grey when there are no more news.
  • Easily mark all as read.
  • Option to show each feed in its own sub-menu.

Adding a feed

To add a feed, just click "Add feed" and enter the RSS/Atom URL:

Migrating from Google Reader to Feedindicator

From Google Reader, click the gear, select Reader Settings > Import/Export > Export your subscriptions.This will download subscriptions.xml

Download, make it executable, and execute it in the same directory as subscriptions.xml ...Feedindicator should now show your feeds!


Feedindicator stores all feeds as a simple text file at ~/.config/feedindicator/feeds.cfg
One line per feed, for instance:

Feedindicator is Open Source, I maintain it, waiting for your feedback!
Nicolas Raoul

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