Monday, January 30, 2012

Templated nodes in Alfresco 4

In the new Alfresco 4, you can now easily use document templates.
Templates are convenient for forms that employees must fill often, for instance.
Another example: here at Aegif we often write new contracts, always based on the same template.
In this article I explain how to create and use a template in Alfresco.
First log in Alfresco Share as admin, and click the repository icon:

Go to the "Data dictionary" folder, then "Node templates" folder, and upload your template:

That's all!
To use it, click "Create content..." then "By Templated Node...", and you can select a template:

The template is then copied to the current folder, and you just have to rename it.

More technical details:

  • Can be used to easily create nodes with a custom content model.
  • Convenient for nodes with a particular set of aspects and properties.
  • Node templates must me created by an administrator (or someone who has access to the data dictionary), and are usable by everyone.
  • I haven't tried but I guess you can use permissions to show a particular template only to a particular group of users.
  • I will have to check whether associations are preserved or not.
  • As I reported on JIRA, folder hierarchies can not be used as templated nodes yet.
Do you know any trick with templated nodes? Let us know in the comments :-)
Nicolas Raoul

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  1. I am looking for information on how to create custom type content from the templated node menu. If I create a template under data dictionary with a custom content type (NOT cm:content) I get an error. Any ideas on how I can get around this?