Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Japanese SaaS accounting leader launches cloud storage service, powered by CmisSync

The #1 web-based accounting solution in Japan, A-SaaS, is now strengthening its offer by providing file cloud storage to its customers.

EFSS (Enterprise File Sync & Share) is not easy to get right, so rather than implementing its own proprietary solution, the Tokyo-based company chose to reuse off-the-shelf products made by Aegif.

Aegif's CmisSync product provided exactly what was needed: Easy-to-use file synchronization and flexible back-end.

Aegif has built a rebranded version of CmisSync with a custom logo, product name and authentication address:

Unknown to users, the backend is NemakiWare, an open source CMIS-compliant ECM server, running on AWS.

The accounting company cited the following reasons for offering this service to their customers:
  • Safer than sending document back-and-forth by email:
    • No risk of sending to unintended recipients.
    • Receiving less documents via email means being more careful when receiving one, leading to stronger resilience to viruses and social engineering.
  • Less risk of data loss.
  • Lower entry barrier to feature-rich document management.
  • Better collaboration between employees.

Nicolas Raoul

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