Wednesday, October 15, 2014

iplus1: Enrich your existing flashcards deck with new example sentences written by bilinguals

You already know all your language-learning flashcards by heart, and want new study material?
How about adding to your deck a dozen new sentences, written by bilingual people, and that match your current level?

Tatoeba is a community-maintained database of example sentences. For example:
  • 散歩しましょう。 (Japanese)
  • Let's take a walk. (English)
  • Давай прогуляемся. (Russian)
  • Bir yürüyüş yapalım. (Turkish)

iplus1 allows you to enrich your flashcards deck with sentences from Tatoeba.
Chosen sentences are those that you will like to learn: they contain words that you already know, plus one new word.

iplus1 has been developed by an American student under my mentoring, as part as a Google Summer of Code project of Tatoeba. iplus1 is open source and works fine on test servers with Anki decks, expect to see it go live soon!

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