Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aegif releases revolutionary ECM server: NemakiWare 1.0

TOKYO Today Aegif released NemakiWare 1.0, an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) server that aims to redefine ECM scalability.

NemakiWare uses CouchDB, a NoSQL distributed database.
That is a radical shift from existing ECM servers, which are using traditional database engines like Oracle or MySQL.

The strengths of NemakiWare are scalability and extensibility.

NemakiWare was designed with the open standard CMIS in mind, making it an ECMS of choice when interoperability is needed. Aegif has always been very proactive on CMIS, releasing the first integration-oriented CMIS webapp only a few weeks after the CMIS standard was approved.

NemakiWare is Open Source, and can be downloaded for free at

About Aegif

Aegif is a leading consulting firm in Japan, with a strong focus on open-source ECM consulting. Its extensive experience allows it to minimize risks while leveraging the potential of enterprise-class open-source software, to offer optimal solutions to clients, typically in large-scale environments. From requirements analysis to solution design, Aegif accompanies its clients from early phases until the delivery of a powerful, efficient and flexible solution. See

About CMIS

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is a standard for interoperability between Enterprise Content Management products. CMIS has been approved by the OASIS consortium (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) in May 2010. All major ECM players support CMIS:  Adobe, Alfresco, EMC, eXo, FatWire, HP, IBM, ISIS Papyrus, Liferay, Microsoft, Nuxeo, Open Text, Oracle, SAP and more.


Aegif Corporation
Nicolas Raoul


  1. is nemakiware still around? do you have new builds for download? if not, can you please update references to state the non-availability of Nemakiware?

    1. Hello Mike,
      NemakiWare is alive and kicking :-) The latest release was 3 weeks ago, it is downloadable at
      Thanks for your interest!