Monday, May 11, 2015

Zero-configuration CmisSync

We just developed a new feature in CmisSync: Zero-configuration

Until now, CmisSync users had to go through a 3-steps wizard to add each synchronized folder they need:

That's not needed anymore!

CmisSync can now figure out all of this when it is started for the first time, by contacting a management server. This management server knows what this user needs to sync where and with what synchronization settings.

That's right, the user does not have to do anything: Install, run, and you're done: Syncing starts immediately without a single click.

Benefits for the user:
  • Zero time taken,
  • Zero configuration mistakes,
  • All of the right folders synchronized at the right place.
Benefits for the I.T. department:
  • Less support calls from users,
  • Fine-tuned configuration,
  • Reproducible environments,
  • Controlled load on the servers.
Zero-configuration CmisSync requires CmisSync Business and works better with Single Sign-On. To take advantage of Zero-configuration CmisSync, contact us.

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