Thursday, November 22, 2012

Employees use Dropbox? They will love CmisSync, and IT will benefit

How do you access your company's shared documents?
If your company has an ECM server, chances are you access documents either:
1) Via a web interface
2) As a shared drive

Now there is a third approach: CmisSync synchronizes your company's documents to your personal computer.

Advantage over a web interface:
- They are just normal files on your hard drive. No need to open a browser and download a copy.
- Documents downloaded from a Web interface quickly become outdated. With CmisSync, the files on your hard drive are always up-to-date.

Advantage over a shared drive:
- Slow network does not slow you down.
- Continue using your files even when out of the office, or even in the plane or subway.

The user interface of CmisSync will feel very familiar to Dropbox users.
But instead of having a Dropbox Inc.'s servers stores the files of each user, all of your content is securely stored on your company's ECM server.

(Liferay users can also use Liferay Sync)

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