Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fix the "Enter at least 1 character(s) to search" problem in Alfresco Share

Alfresco Share is a great ECM web application, but there is one detail that annoys all users, and here is how to fix it.

The problem: when clicking "Search" in a user/group selection dialog (for instance when creating a workflow), the following message appears: "Enter at least 1 character(s) to search". Which means that if you don't remember the name of the group, you have to try all letters: a,b,c,... hoping to find it. This is an incredible waste of time, and impossible to do in Japanese.

A trick is to enter an asterisk * (or "name:*" in some cases), but it does not work on all dialogs, and it is not user-friendly.
So here is how to fix the problem, and make all results appear when you click "Search":
  1. Stop Alfresco
  2. Open file tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml
  3. At the end of this file, just before "</alfresco-config>", add this XML.
  4. Start Alfresco again.
And now the problem should be fixed!
Same message in other languages: Saisir au moins 1 caractère(s), 1文字以上入力してください, Geben Sie mindestens 1 Buchstaben ein, Immettere almeno 1 caratteri, Introduzca al menos 1 caracter(es).
Credits: Mike H.
Nicolas Raoul

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  1. Great hint! This modification works even with Alfresco 4.2.4. Thanks.